"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Expansion Consulting's coaching services to you. My company was looking to improve the way we manage our employees and increase both managers and employees' satisfaction when their workshop " Leading for Managers " was recommended to us by a partner. We had a couple of practical workshops with Anda and Constantin for our managers and employees and saw improvements in their level of satisfaction. Therefore we have decided to continue working with Anda and Constantin as Executive Coaches for our senior management team. I highly recommend their work." 

Radu, CEO Law Firm


The Corporate Coaching is designed for the corporations and businesses who:

  • Want to hone their people skills and manage their employees more efficiently
  • Want their employees transitioning to management roles to be successful in their new role
  • Want to improve their employees’ performance
  • Need a stronger team
  • Create a strong and effective Leadership team

Whatever your challenge we can help you and your organization achieve the success you want. And more! Check our dedicated website for corporate and small business training and coaching to see how we can make a difference in your organization!

PsiEvolution Canada is the result of a collaboration between Expansion Consulting and PsiEvolution Romania.

Constantin Cornea (PsiEvolution Romania) and Anda Tudor (Expansion Consulting) have been working together for over 10 years. Together they have over 20 years experience in coaching individuals and organizations to grow their best assets: their people. Constantin is an expert coach and psychologist with numerous TV and magazines appearances. He specializes in emotional engagement in both personal and professional relationships. Over the course of his extensive career, he has worked with more than 12,000 people in eight countries (Romania, Germany, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and the U.S.).

Anda is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) candidate with over four years of experience in coaching and over 200 hours of training in coaching and psychology. She specializes in leadership coaching, and she has worked with clients from all over the world, both in-person and virtually, including many high-level professionals and executives. She has also worked with many small- to medium-sized businesses, providing workshops on topics such as leadership development and conflict resolution to their management teams.

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"I am highly recommending Constantin Cornea's coaching services. Mr. Cornea delivered 2 workshops related to Conflict Management for my company. I was impressed with the very useful and practical set of information we received. I was expecting a more theoretical approach and was very happy to see that the workshops were interactive and the information received was very easy and fast to take into the daily life. There were a lot of questions during the workshops and based of the feedback received from my employees the workshops were a success. I strongly recommended Constantin and his coaching services." Cristian, General Manager