What is Life Coaching?

When you make a commitment to yourself by hiring a coach, a whole

world of benefits falls to your feet. A coach gives you the support,

enabling you to expand and become extraordinary!

At a glance, here is how life coaching can help:
•    Increase confidence
•    Improve relationships
•    Reduce and manage stress
•    Create work-life balance
•    Achieve short and long term goals
•    Enhance health and wellness
•    Discover new life and career opportunities

Why work with us?
We believe that you are a very resourceful person and already have the answers to your questions and challenges. Our role is to assist you in finding the answers, incite curiosity, motivate and celebrate your success with you. We cannot be happier when we see our clients thrive! We are constantly inspired by our clients’ resourcefulness, motivation to design a better life for themselves and resilience in front of adversity. We are grateful you chose us as your coaches.

How can we work together?
We have clients who prefer to meet in person and others who prefer to speak over the phone or Skype.  Whatever works for you, we will make it happen!

Contact us to see how we can work together!


“I’ve been wrestling with the idea of opening my own business for years. Once I started working with Anda as my coach I realized how important to open my own business was and what was blocking me for realizing my dream. I am a happy owner of a small business currently enjoying tremendous success while doing what I love.” Dani Stefan, OwnerThe 5th Element